This award has thus far been given once, in 2017. It was not administered for 2018.

KLF-7: Italy Reads Pakistan: Award by Metropoli d'Asia and Consulate of Italy in Karachi (5.2.2016) from Karachi and Islamabad Lit Fests on Vimeo.

The Italy Reads Pakistan Award is by Metropoli d’Asia, the Karachi Literature Festival, and the Consulate of Italy in Karachi. A local jury of three judges will short-list five works and an Italian jury of three judges selected by Metropoli d’Asia will select the winner who will be announced at the next Karachi Literature Festival. The prize consists of the acquisition of publishing rights by Metropoli d’Asia in Italian only.

Eligibility Criteria for the 2017 Award
• Fiction originally written in English or Urdu
Anthologies or multi-author edited books are not eligible;
• The jury will prefer novels set in contemporary times, or at least centered on contemporary issues in Pakistan, involving big cities.
• Authored by a Pakistani citizen under 45 years of age in 2016.
• Must be unpublished or published in Pakistan / South Asia in 2014, 2015, and 2016.
Terms of the acquisition of publishing rights:
• Advance payment of 1000 € on royalities of 8% for the print edition, royalities of 6% for paperback and 25% of net earnings for e-book sales, plus further conditions.
• At the time of submission to the local jury, the author commits to sign the agreement for acquisition of publishing rights by Metropoli d’Asia on the above mentioned conditions if s/he wins the award, 

Submission Guidelines
All works should be sent in a sealed envelope by 10 June 2016 to:
Consulate of Italy
Italy Reads Pakistan Award
85 Old Clifton, Shahara-e-Iran,
Clifton, Karachi - 75600

Winner of the 2017 The Italy Reads Pakistan Award
Omar Shahid Hamid for The Spinner's Tale

Italian Jury:

Pakistan Jury
Salman T. Kureshi, H.M. Naqvi, Bina Shah