"Women in the literary world of Pakistan: I think they play a very important role, a key role in many ways, and in every field, whether it's fiction, non-fiction -- in all the genres.  And poetry -- people like Fahmida Riaz, Kishwar Naheed, Attiya Dawood -- our leading poets who have actually brought a new sensibility to writing. And also in the world of fiction there are people like Kamila Shamsie, Bapsi Sidhwa, Bina Shah, Maniza Naqvi who have raised the profile of Pakistan internationally, and of course here they have kept readers riveted to their books. In non-fiction there are so many women writers who are doing extremely well. Rukhsana Ahmad writes short stories, but Ayesha Shahid...has written about domestic workers of Pakistan. Saba Gul Khattak...has also written about domestic workers. There are women who are writing on history, on politics. So I think they play a major role in Pakistan. And I think they're doing their bit in promoting awareness and knowledge of Pakistan around the world, and making people interested in books and reading."  Ameena also mentioned Khadija Mastoor and Hajrah Masroor (and possibly others) in this interview, but her mention of those names was  edited out.
--Ameena Saiyid at the 2011 Ladiesfund Awards

British Council Documentary on the 2011 KLF (Short  version)

British Council Documentary on the 2011 KLF (Long version)