"Progressive, politically correct, organized, well intentioned, un-giddy, the KLF I observed was. But caustic it was not. Optimistic and dedicated to diversity as festivals ought to be, but not devious or brutal in its embrace of it." Abira Ashfaq (Karachi Feminist), 2013
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Print Coverage

2 March 2013
  • Nadeem Aslam interviewed on City FM89 
  • "The event drew a...crowd, from all walks of life....They subscribed to different religions and sectarian beliefs. There were even Baloch girls from schools and colleges of Lyari... It seemed that the secular spirit of Jinnah's Pakistan was brought back to Karachi" Mohammed Aziz Haji Dossa in the Business Recorder

28 February 2013

26 February 2013
  • Review by Adrienne Parkins Loftus on the Asia House website 
  • Aroosa Shaukat writes on children's literature in Pakistan. Express Tribune

25 February 2013
  • Asif Noorani's review in Dawn

24 February 2013
  •  Attiya Dawood's review of the sessions on Amar Jaleel and Hassan Dars in Dawn
  • Saba Imtiaz's review in Dawn
  • Humair Ishtiaq's review: "Karachi Literature Festival: An Urdu Perspective" in Dawn
  • Review by Sumaira S. Naqvi, Dawn

22 February 2013

20 February 2013
  • Waqas Naeem reviews Yassin Musharbash's session for the Express Tribune and for his blog

19 February 2013
  • Aneeta Karim covers the KLF in Aaj News
  • "The KLF has much going for it: to have come out of nowhere and established itself as a big event in a mere four years is incredible" Dawn
  • A write-up on the Government of Italy's website about Italy's support of the Karachi Literature Festival in 2013

18 February 2013
  • Zeb Azkaar Hussain writes in The News about Tehrik-e-Niswan's great performance of Intizar Hussain's play "Paani ke Qaidi"

17 February 2013
  • Lady Kishwar Desai on the KLF in The Tribune India: "The message went clearly across that the festival was a secular space where no matter what gods you worshipped, the common goal was creativity and freedom of expression"

18 February 2013

17 February 2013

16 February 2013
  • Noman Ahmed on rain @ KLF:"Fourth KLF: To offset the dark clouds over Karachi come bright writers, thinkers" Express Tribune
  • Friends put together Sindhi poet Hassan Dars’s risalo after his death Express Tribune  
  • Rabia Ali on Edhi Book Launch in Express Tribune  "This is the first public forum in the country that I am speaking at.....Bigger than the book, is just his (Edhi’s) presence in the hall.” Tehmina Durrani
  • Rizwan Shehzad in Express Tribune on the session with Mustansar Hussain Tarrar: "The audience burst into laughter when someone announced that the session would be an hour long fumble over his name."
  • Javeria Nasir covers Day 1 in Aaj TV 
  • Sameer Mandhro in Express Tribune: "Amar Jaleel ventures into territories others fear to tread"
  • Usman Farooqui writes on the launch of Muslims in Indian Cities: Trajectories of Marginalisation in Express Tribune at the KLF
  • Usman Liaquat in the Express Tribune: ‘Mass literature is the ladder to high-brow work"(Richa Lakhera and Qaisra Shahraz's session)
  • Firuza Pastakia's satirical, tongue-in-cheek tweets on Day 2
  • Peerzada Salman's coverage of Day 1 in Dawn
  • Ahtesham Azhar in the Daily Times

15 February 2013

14 February 2013

13 February 2013

12 February 2013
  • Lemn Sissay writes about his first trip to Pakistan and about returning for the 4th KLF on his blog

10 February 2013

8 February 2013

7 February, 2013

6 February, 2013

4 February, 2013

3 February 2013
2 February 2013

1 February, 2013

28 January, 2013

19 January 2013

12 January 2013
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